Have you been dreaming up new ideas for ink to show off this summer?

A bit of free professional advice for you: Consider taking action on those plans sooner rather than later.

While there’s never a wrong time to get a tattoo, there are a number of reasons why getting your new body art during cooler weather has advantages over waiting until the temperature rises.

Proper care for new tattoos is crucial during the first few weeks, and harsh sun and heat are your worst enemies.

Winter Tattoos — Heavy Clothing Adds UV Protection

UV rays can easily damage new tattoos, and thin summer clothing often fails to provide enough protection for freshly inked skin.

Think about your winter clothing:

  • Long sleeves
  • Thicker fabric
  • Multiple layers

These do a better job of reflecting and absorbing the harmful sunlight before it gets to your new tattoo.

In Austin (or anywhere in the southern region of the U.S.), it gets hot early in the year, and people quickly ditch those favorable winter clothes in favor of short sleeves and tank tops made of light cotton or thinner sports-oriented microfiber materials.

Getting your new tattoo done in winter allows you to take advantage of the natural protection for your new ink offered by thicker clothing.

Winter Tattoos — Staying Indoors Doesn’t (Necessarily) Mean Missing Out

Winter activities more often happen indoors, which keeps you out of the heat and sun without drastic changes to the natural flow of life.

In summer, it requires a lot of willpower to forego the bikini, the shirtless look, the tank top, etc.

Getting your new tattoo done in the winter means you don’t need to stay home while your friends are jet skiing at the lake, heading to the beach all day, or cooking out by the pool.

That said, it rarely gets all that cold for long stretches in this part of the country. Marathons are still run in the middle of winter, golf and motorcycle enthusiasts only take a break in the worst conditions—there are still plenty of opportunities to be outdoors. It’s still easier to practice common sense and more comfortable to adequately cover that new ink during winter.

Winter Tattoos — Less Sweat Means Less Risk

During the first couple of weeks after getting new ink, it’s helpful to avoid excess sweating.

Tattooing your skin causes damage that has to heal. Sweat brings salt and bacteria into the raw and sensitive area, which drastically increases irritation and the chance for infection.

When you get new ink, it’s recommended that you at least shower every day—better yet, twice or 3 times a day. Even then, hot and humid weather makes it more difficult to keep the freshly tattooed area clean.

Lower temperatures naturally means less sweating and a reduced (but not eliminated) infection risk.

Take Advantage of Cooler Weather

There’s never a bad time to get a tattoo, but it’s up to you to care for your ink.

Aftercare for your tattoo is simply easier in cooler winter weather, with fewer changes to your regular routine required to get the best results.

Read more about tattoo aftercare here.

It’s important to realize that this part of the country only provides a small window of winter conditions. If you’ve got ideas for a tattoo that you’d like to show off this summer, now’s the time to get started.

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