Nothing says forever quite like a tattoo.

Getting matching tattoos, especially a couple tattoo, shows absolute certainty that you’ve found your person and are committed for life.

It takes plenty of courage and dedication to make this sort of permanent testimonial to a relationship, but it might be just the gesture of commitment and affection you’ve been looking for.

The Meaning of Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoos are often used to symbolize completeness and unity achieved through partnership.

Some couple tattoos demonstrate in ink a commitment to stick together and support each other through the tough times life throws at us.

Couples may get matching tattoos following their new marriage, to add further emphasis to and evidence for their lifelong commitment.

How Couple Tattoos Work

The idea behind couple tattoos is that the tattoo worn by one person is somehow an incomplete design on its own. Couple tattoos come together to form a complete design, or a completed theme, and they are never entirely whole on their own.

Character Tattoos

One of the more popular themes for couple tattoos is the iconic pair design. Each partner gets a tattoo with one of the characters, joined to form a couple when the partners are together.

Popular couples for tattoos include:

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse are a popular choice
  • The King and Queen of Hearts
  • Han Solo and Princess Leiah

Puzzle Pieces

The idea behind the puzzle-piece tattoos are that two parts fit together to form a single unit.

Popular choices along this line are:

  • Interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieces
  • Lock and key
  • Heart and arrow
  • Yin and Yang
  • Nautical wheel and anchor
  • Halves of a circle or ring

Complete the Phrase

Often, a couple chooses a particular quote, saying, lyric or verse that carries special meaning for them. One partner will have the first half of the passage tattooed on their arm, for example. The other partner will have the words completing the passage or phrase inked on the same part of their body.

All of these ideas communicate the idea of a partnership that isn’t complete without both people, whether lock and key, Mickey and Minnie, or two halves of a meaningful saying.

Matching Tattoos

Sometimes couples choose to keep it simple.

They find a smaller design that has meaning for both people, and they get identical tattoos on the same part of their bodies.

Wrist, finger, or forearm tattoos are particularly popular for this type of couple tattoo.

Couple Tattoos—A Constant Reminder

Being in love and in a great relationship makes some people want to shout it to the world—getting matching tattoos to express their love is a popular way to do that.

And why not? Many people feel couple tattoos are an incredibly romantic and a beautiful way for each partner to express their love for the other.

Make an Appointment

One way to make the couple-tattoo experience even more unique to you is with a custom tattoo design.

Designed one-of-a-kind just for you, a custom couple tattoo design requires dedicated time that’s best set aside in advance.

If you’re really excited about making your couple tattoo a reality, click here to reach out—let’s get the conversation about your tattoo started.