Who Is the Best Tattoo Artist in Austin and Where Are They Hiding?

Are you wondering where to find the best tattoo artist in Austin, Texas?

The search is going to start with the distinction between “good” and “best.”

“Good” is pretty concrete, and we can probably break that down easily.

But, “best” depends on what is important to you.

At some point, it becomes a deeply personal choice when you’re searching for the “best” tattoo artist in Austin, or any other city.

But, let’s start with separating “good” from mediocre — or from garbage.

The Best Tattoo Artist In Austin — The Bare Minimum

Right up front — if it doesn’t feel like a professional gig when you walk in the door, turn around and walk right back out.

It’s going to be obvious if the establishment doesn’t have the qualities most people are looking for in a quality tattoo experience, like the following examples:

1. Cleanliness

You should feel comfortable with the surroundings when you walk in the door.

The shop should appear well kept — an immediate and obvious signal that the more important health concerns will be taken care of during the actual needle work.

Has it been swept and mopped recently?

Are the tables clean and empty cups in the waiting area cleared away?

If there are ashtrays, are they emptied or in a designated location?

This is pretty simple, and you’ll know right away.

2. Solid and Reputable Business Practices

Cash only signs are a big no-no — reputable establishments don’t need to duck the IRS.

What kind of deposit are they asking for?

Some deposit, maybe between $50 and $100, is pretty reasonable, but asking for full payment up front is generally considered shady.

Bottom line — the best tattoo artist in Austin can stand confidently on their reputation for doing quality work and won’t need questionable business practices.

The Best Tattoo Artist in Austin — What Does Your Gut Tell You?

The next group of qualities will shade into preference, but there’s still a line that separates the larger “good” from, “Oh, hell no.”

3. Attitude and Demeanor

This is the impression you get from meeting the artist in person, so you’d probably better pay the shop and the artist a visit to see if you get a good vibe from them.

Good conversation and feeling listened to can leave you glad you got a tattoo (especially for first-timers), but poor people skills could ruin the experience.

For many people, getting a tattoo is about the experience and the adventure, and the impression that your artist is cold, smug, arrogant, or just generally unpleasant can ruin that atmosphere — “too cool for school” signals you may not get the quality experience you’re hoping for and deserve.

4. Portfolio

There should be plenty of examples of the artist’s work available for you to view and choose from. Look on the walls and for binders available, maybe placed in the waiting area.

The artist’s style should be showcased so you get a feel for whether it fits what you have in mind or not.

Do you like the line work?

How about the shading and use of color?

It comes down to whether you like what you see or not.

Is there enough work on display for you to get a feel for whether your tattoo will turn out the way you envisioned?

5. Availability

A longer wait to get in to see the artist, even if it’s a few months, isn’t a bad thing. It’s a signal that the artist is in demand because of their talent and great reputation.

Referrals from family or friends who used that particular artist can be really helpful in making your decision as well.

Choosing the Best Tattoo Artist In Austin For You

There’s nothing revolutionary about this list.

Your tattoo artist is just that, an artist! But even the best tattoo artist in Austin is first, and foremost, running a business.

Is it professional?

Is the artist there to see that you get what you want out of both the final result and the experience of getting your tattoo?

What qualifies as the best is up to you.

Visit our webpage and fill out our contact form. Let’s talk and find out if I’m the best tattoo artist in Austin for your first, or next, tattoo.